Hello again, i’m still trying to learn functional programming consepts and Scala. It’s quite challenging to learn new programming paradigm and trying to change my entire mindset. You can read part I in here.

So, this is my notes and what i understand about these consepts. I hope you like it enjoy !:)


If we don’t know how many argument we need in a function, what should we do ? This is the question and currying the answer.
Currying Function is a function that takes one argument and returns a new function which takes also one argument.

Hello all! I love to take notes when i’m studying a topic. Currently i’m at Trendyol Data Talent Bootcamp and studying data engineering.So i’d like to share my thoughts and learning adventure about Data Engineering, Functional Programming, Scala etc.
This is my studybook, enjoy ! :)

What is Functional Programming ?

What i understand about functional programming is that programming paradigm that much similar to actual math. Most of us learning programming with imperative programming language such as, C, Java, C#, Python etc. Functional programming is a declarative programming. So what are the difference ?

Imperative Programming

The definition of imperative programming in wikipedia is “programming paradigm…

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